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Your life in a single file

About SEO Note

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Separate Window

This is a window where you see tree of notes.

this labels allow you to create in one SEO Note document a lot of trees (sections), that provides you more effective use of SEO Note. With hte help of these labels (sections) you can create different trees of different themes (Ex. 'Adresses', 'Reports' etc.)

The Tree - is the one of the main element of SEO Note. This tree looks like the list of links to articles. Choosing a note in the tree you open the appropriate article in the editor window, where you can operate it.

Main Toolbar

This toolbar is used to maintain basic operations.

  • create new SEO Note document
  • open existing SEO Note Document
  • save changes in the SEO Note Document
  • cut highlighted text from the article to clipboard
  • copy highlighted text in the article to clipboard
  • paste text form clipboard to the article
  • open paste-time-and-date-in-the-article dialog

    SEO Note Additional Panels

    Status Bar

    Status bar is used for notifications about current actions or for displaying descriptions of selected program element and some comments to it.

    Current Format Indicator

    Shows which text format is used right now for the current note (article):

  • TEXT VIEW - simple text-editor interface;
  • WEB VIEW - html-editor, the same as browser view;
  • SOURCE VIEW - html-editor, shows source code of html-page;
  • RTF VIEW - rtf-editor;

    Editor ToolBars

    Toolbars are used to help user to edit articles. As SEO Note supports three differnt formats (txt, html, rtf), it has two toolbars: one for HTML- and one for RTF format.

    HTML ToolBar

    This toolbar allows you to change font, font size, format, color, insert pictures, hyperlinks etc.

    RTF ToolBar

    This toolbar allows to change font, font size, color, background color, edit text, text position, insert lists etc.
    Also this toolbar has a ruler, which also helps to format the article in the editor window.
    This ruler has several units - Inches, Points, Centimeters and Picas.

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