SEO Note - your life in a single file
Your life in a single file

About SEO Note

Quick Start

You can use several variants how to lunch the programm SEO Note:

  • Start the program from "C:\Program Files\SEONote\SEO Note.exe"
  • Lunch the progarm from Start -> Programs -> SEO Note -> SEO Note.lnk

    The main SEO Note window will open.

    Also ...

  • You can resize the program`s window if it is too little or too big. You can easily do it via dragging with your mouse the window`s esdges.

  • You can also create new articles or copy them from their files in the form of simple text, rich-text and html. You can also export the articles` contains to the files of the above-listed forms (.txt, .doc, .html or .rtf).

  • Rich- and html-texts have tool bars with the help of which you can edit your text in the articles of these formats. You can change text`s size, color and styles of these articles.

  • Toolbars of rich and html- text also let you change such text attributes as text position.

  • In html-articles you can also drop picture or make a link, and in rich-articles you can drop any program`s document, which supports technology OLE.

  • The program supports standart commands of Windows.

  • Press Ctrl+C to copy text to the clipboard.

  • Ctrl+X to cut the highlighted text.

  • Ctrl+V to paste text to the article from the clipboard.

  • Ctrl+A to highlight all text in the article.

  • Press Ctrl+N to create new file.

  • Press Ctrl+O to open file which is stored on your hard disk.

  • To add new subnote to the tree structure press Insert.

  • To add new note to the tree structure press Ctrl+Shift+Insert.

  • If you want to rename the highlighted article press F2.

  • If you want to undo your action in the article press Ctrl+Z, if you want to redo the action press Ctrl+Y.

  • For search in rich- and html-articles press Ctrl+F.

  • To open the panel Data/Time in the article press Ctrl+T.

  • To open the panel Calendar in the article press Ctrl+D.

  • To quit the program press Ctrl+Q.

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